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eNews is PHE's weekly email update about what's going on around the school.  Subscribers receive an email every Monday morning featuring brief articles highlightining upcoming programs and events along with information from the school office and calendar of important dates.  eNews also contains electronic versions of the important flyers about curricular and extra curricular activities.

eNews is our primary form of communication with the school community, and all PHE parents are encouraged to subscribe.  Your email information is kept confidential, and you may unsubscribe at any time.  Not signed up for eNews?  You may go to the PTA tab and click on "eNews."  There is a blue button on the left side of the page that will connect you with the registration form.

PHE Share

PHEShare is an online "bulletin board" that allows PHE families to share information with one another.  Looking for a gardener, electrician, music lessons?  Why not ask other PHE families for recommendations?  PHEShare can also be used to buy, sell, or give away items or to borrow something.

How does it work?  Any subscriber can post messages to the group.  Once posted, other members can then respond directly to you.  Information posted to PHEShare is only visible to registered members and is moderated by a PHE parent, so you can rest assured that your information is secure.

To join,email PHEShare (click link) and include your name and phone number.